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Setting up the workspace

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  1. Open "Forge/mcp/libs"
  2. Copy Galacticraft Dev Deobf files here
Copy GC Libs.png
  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Right Click On Minecraft Project, Click Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries->Add External Jars And Select the 4 Dev Files
Eclipse GC Libs.png
  1. Extract Galacticraft Github Code
  2. Open common
  3. Copy All Files to "Forge/mcp/src"
  4. Open "Forge/mcp/src/micdoodle8/mods/galacticraft/"
  5. Delete All Folders Without API Folder
  6. At "Forge/mcp" Run "recompile.bat/.sh" then "updatemd5.bat/.sh"


  • You cannot launch MCP Forge Minecraft, you should Package (Compile) your Galacticraft Addon and test it in your Minecraft client first

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