Air Lock

Examples of vertical Air Locks

The Air Lock is used to provide an entrance/exit between an enclosed room and outer space. The Air Lock is made from Air Lock Frames and requires one Air Lock Controller. When used in conjunction with an Oxygen Sealer, an airtight room filled with oxygen can be created on places like the moon. When the air lock is open, the room is no longer sealed and oxygen gear must be worn until the air lock is closed.

Air Locks can be built both vertically and horizontally.

To create an Air Lock, Air Lock Frames have to be arranged in a rectangular pattern with one of the blocks being the Air Lock Controller and the corner pieces missing. If, for some reason, the air lock isn't working, try making a complete frame with the corners installed. Depending on the desired settings the air lock can either be opened by a redstone signal to the controller or when you walk within a specified area of the air lock.

See Air Lock Controller for more specific controls.


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