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Sludgelings are hostile mobs that spawn from Bacterial Sludge and are found in the Mars undergrounds. It is some kind of macro-bacteria that attacks in swarms any mob on their way, including the players and other hostile mobs. A Sludgeling swarm takes place when any mob touches or gets close enough to the bacterial sludge.

The most effective way to avoid them is by not touching the bacterial sludge. Once they have spawned, it is hard to get rid of them by meelee or ranged attack since they spawn in groups of 10 to 20 entities and gang up on their prey. In this case, the player can use potions to harm them or simply run away and protect on top of 4-block pillars.

Additionally, Cavernous Vines can poison and weaken Sludgelings.


  • Health points: 7.
  • Drops: nothing.

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