Tier 2 Rocket

Tier 2 Rocket
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Tier 2 Rocket








The Tier 2 Rocket is the rocket which you will need to get to Mars. The spaceships require Rocket Fuel for liftoff.

This rocket can be loaded with 1500 fuel points (1500 mB or 1.5 buckets) of Rocket Fuel. The safe fuel level is 80%.


For this type of rocket you need to upgrade your NASA Workbench with a Tier 2 Rocket Schematic. This schematic can only be acquired in a Moon Dungeon. To build the rocket you will also need Heavy-Duty Plates which are made out of Heavy Duty Plating and Compressed Meteoric Iron.


Tier 2 Rocket crafting

The Rocket is crafted using the NASA Workbench, to craft it you must fill up all the respective slots on the workbench. The Rocket requires one Nose Cone, four Rocket Fins, two Tier 1 Booster, one Rocket Engine, and ten Heavy-Duty Plates. You can fill the up right slots with chests to increase the storage space to 18, 36 and 54 slots. You can get a pre-fueled version of every spaceship in creative mode.


You can use it the same way as the Tier 1 Rocket. Once you have left the atmosphere you will get to the Planet Selection Screen, which allows you to select Mars or the other dimensions.

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