Slimeling Egg

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Slimeling Egg
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Slimeling Egg





This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest



Slimeling Egg is a block in a shape of an egg that can be found laying randomly on Mars surface. Each egg can hatch a Slimeling. The egg can be found in three colors, following the 3 main color pigments used in inks: blue, red and yellow.

Hatching an Egg

How to hatch an Slimeling Egg:

  1. Find a Slimeling Egg, to pick it up use a pickaxe;
  2. Place it on solid floor and punch it until its shell breaks;
  3. Wait for 10 - 40 seconds, it will hatch;
  4. Once it hatched, right-click the Slimeling. It is yours. Give it a name and equip.

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