Throwable Meteor Chunk

Throwable Meteor Chunk
Grid Throwable Meteor Chunk.png
Throwable Meteor Chunk

Galacticraft 2 (Moon)






Yes (16)

Throwable Meteor Chunks are crafted by putting Raw Meteoric Iron in a crafting table. Doing this will give you three of them. You can throw them right-clicking and then pick them up from the ground when they fall. You can also smelt them in a furnace to get a Hot Throwable Meteor Chunk that deals more damage and sets players and mobs alike on fire, although it is only hot for 45 seconds.


Throwable Meteor Chunk Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Hot Throwable Meteor Chunk
Grid layout Fire.png


Raw Meteoric Iron     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Throwable Meteor Chunk3


If you keep a Hot Throwable Meteor Chunk in a storage slot (chest, cargo rocket, furnace), it will never cool down. This is due to the fact that it only cools down when it's in someone's inventory.

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