Light Oxygen Tank

Light Oxygen Tank
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Light Oxygen Tank



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The Light Oxygen Tank is an oxygen storage tank that can hold up to 90 units of air. It is used to provide a portable source of oxygen while in areas that do not have an oxygen source of their own. Up to two oxygen tanks can be worn at a time. To wear any type of oxygen tank, open your inventory and click on the Galacticraft tab at the top of the menu. Here you will see the available spots for your various types of equipment. Simply place your tank(s) in one of the slots with a grey picture of an oxygen tank. Other types of oxygen tanks include the Medium Oxygen Tank, which holds twice the amount of oxygen as a light tank, and the Heavy Oxygen Tank, which holds three times the amount of a light tank.

NOTE: You must also be wearing Oxygen Gear and an Oxygen Mask in order to use the oxygen supply.

Crafting Recipe

Galacticraft 2:

Lime_Wool     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Light_Oxygen_Tank
Compressed Copper    


Lime_Wool     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Light_Oxygen_Tank

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