Cheese Block

Cheese Block
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Cheese Block








A Cheese Block (also known as Block of Cheese) is a solid block used as food, like vanilla Cake. Cheese Blocks cannot be eaten while being held; they must be placed on a suitable block first.

A Cheese Block consists of six slices in total, and a slice is removed each time the Cheese Block is used (by right-clicking).

Each slice restores Hunger.png, and it may be used up to six times for a total of Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png.

Crafting Recipe

Basic Components:

Cheese Curd Cheese Curd Cheese Curd Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cheese Block
Cheese Curd Milk Cheese Curd
Cheese Curd Cheese Curd Cheese Curd

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