Evolved Creeper Boss

The Evolved Creeper Boss is the boss mob of Mars. It can only be found in the Mars Dungeon.


The Evolved Creeper Boss is a 3-headed giant Creeper with oxygen mask. It is 7m tall.

Boss Fight

During the boss fight, the Evolved Creeper Boss's only form of attack is shooting TNT. TNT shot by the boss is weaker than normal TNT. The boss room contains dozens of Creeper Eggs on the floor; if a TNT explodes on one of these eggs, an Evolved Creeper hatches and chases the player in an attempt to kill him/her; this is a distraction and extra danger: if an Evolved Creeper explodes near the player, the player not only gets hurt but also is launched up and it is likely the player will be directly hit by airborne TNT - which can be a "close-call".

The boss cannot be hurt by direct attacks (e.g. using bows or swords). The only way of defeating the boss is by deflecting the TNT back to the boss. The heads "die" as the boss loses its health. Like all Galacticraft bosses, escaping the room will cause the boss to despawn.

The boss is finally beaten when the 3rd and main head is destroyed as it loses all its health, then it will spin, scream and explode (the explosion does not cause any damage), leaving the key to the treasure chest in the next room upon its death. This chest contains valuable and is likely to contain a Tier 3 Rocket Schematic. If you happen not to find a schematic, you can try another dungeon and fight the boss again.


  • Health points: 200.
  • Drops: Tier 2 Dungeon Key.
  • Armor: It wears some sort of glowing armor after the 2nd head being destroyed but with no effect.


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