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First Appearance


The Launch Controller is a new block introduced in Galacticraft 2 which allows the automated liftoff of Cargo Rockets.

It requires energy to operate and also has a built-in chunk loader.

Crafting Recipe

Desh Ingot Frequency Module Desh Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Launch Controller
Compressed Desh Advanced Wafer Compressed Desh
Desh Ingot Aluminum Wire Desh Ingot

UI Settings

The UI of the Launch Controller

By right-clicking the Launch Controller, the user interface will show up.

On the top you will have the Frequency field which allows you to set the Controller's Frequency.

It acts like an ID so be sure to make the IDs unique!

Next is the destination frequency which sets the target Rocket Launch/Land Pad with a Launch Controller.

(The screenshot shows the LC with ID: 1 and target ID: 2 which implicates that the second LC has ID: 2 and target ID: 1)
Next we have got two buttons.
The first one will break the launch pad at liftoff. The second enables multiple scenarios for an automated liftoff:

  • Cargo is Unloaded
  • Cargo is Full
  • Fully Fueled
  • Instantly
  • 10 Seconds
  • 30 Seconds
  • 1 Minute
  • Redstone Signal


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