Circuit Fabricator

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Circuit Fabricator
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Circuit Fabricator







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The Circuit Fabricator is used to produce the Blue Solar Wafer, Basic Wafer and the Advanced Wafer.
It is required to power it with energy, which can be connected using Aluminum Wire.

Crafting Recipe

Circuit Fabricator UI

Aluminum Ingot Lever Aluminum Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Circuit Fabricator
Stone Button Furnace Stone Button
Aluminum Wire Redstone Torch Aluminum Wire


  1. Ensure that the circuit fabricator is powered. Either a battery can be used in the lower-left slot or power can be fed in (e.g. from the Coal Generator) from the left side of the block.
  2. A diamond has to be placed in the top left slot.
  3. Redstone dust must be placed in the slot with the redstone icon.
  4. Silicon needs to be placed in the center two slots.
  5. The top-right slot determines what the output is. For example, if a Redstone Repeater is placed in there, an Advanced Wafer is produced.
  6. Bottom-right slot is the output. In this example, the Advanced Wafer will appear in that slot.

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