Tier 2 Treasure Chest

Tier 2 Treasure Chest
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Tier 2 Treasure Chest







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The Tier 2 Treasure Chest is a special chest found in the last room of the Mars Dungeons. It contains valuable loot like Name Tags, Horse Armors, Music Discs and specially schematics, which are found only in these chests.

To open the Treasure Chest you will need a Tier 2 Dungeon Key which is obtained by defeating the Evolved Creeper Boss.

Technical Info

The treasure chest cannot be mined with a pickaxe, pushed by a piston and is not obtainable by normal means unless by /give command.

It has a large version like the double chest from vanilla if two treasure chests are manually placed adjacent to each other. However the double version of this chest is bugged as it appears to be two separate chests.

Due to a bug, a treasure chest can be "violated" by exploding a TNT next to it: the chest itself will be destroyed dropping all its loot.

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