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Nose Cone
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This page is about one of the components used to create the Galaticraft Spaceship, the Nose Cone.

The Nose Cone is one of the four different parts used in the Spaceship. A NASA Workbench is necessary in order to use the Nose Cone. Once the GUI for the NASA Workbench is open, a Nose Cone must be crafted (see below). Once crafted the Nose Cone must be placed in the appropriate space in the NASA Workbench interface, which is the the top-most space. These must be placed along with Rocket Fins, a Rocket Engine, and Heavy Plating. This will result in a Spaceship.


  Redstone Torch   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Nose Cone
  Heavy Duty Plating  
Heavy Duty Plating   Heavy Duty Plating

The Nose Cone is crafted with one Redstone Torch and three Heavy Platings.

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