Tinted Glass Pane

Tinted Glass Pane
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Tinted Glass Pane





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Tinted Glass Panes are a type of block added to Galacticraft. They work the same way as the Glass Panes of Vanilla Minecraft, but they are tinted different colors depending on which type of dye you add. Additionally, they have a dark metallic frame around each pane. They are crafted with a shapeless recipe in a crafting table using one Glass Pane and one Compressed Desh along with one of whichever color dye you wish the final color to be.


Example of Red Tinted Glass Pane:

Rose Red Glass Pane Compressed Desh Grid layout Arrow (small).png Red Tinted Glass Pane
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Example of Lime Tinted Glass Pane

  Lime Dye   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Lime Tinted Glass Pane
    Compressed Desh
Glass Pane     Grid layout Shapeless.png

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