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The NASA Workbench is a specialized item assembly table which is used to craft a Tier 1 Rocket as well as other unlockable vehicles and items which require schematics in order to unlock them. Currently, the only other vehicle schematics available are the Moon Buggy, the Tier 2 Rocket, and the Cargo Rocket. It is 4 blocks tall so be sure to allow ample space when placing.

Crafting Recipe

Galacticraft 2:

Compressed Steel Crafting Table Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png NASA Workbench
Lever Advanced Wafer Lever
Compressed Steel Redstone Torch Compressed Steel

Thermal Expansion:

Lead Ingot (TE) Lead Ingot (TE) Lead Ingot (TE) Grid layout Arrow (small).png Rocket Crafting Table (Galacticraft)
Invar Ingot (TE) Crafting Table Invar Ingot (TE)
Invar Ingot (TE) Electrum Ingot (TE) Invar Ingot (TE)

Basic Components:

Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png NASA Workbench
Steel Plate Crafting Table Steel Plate
Steel Plate Advanced Circuit Steel Plate


NASA Workbench GUI T1R.png

Right-clicking on the Workbench will pull up the interface. By default this will show the 'Tier 1 Rocket' as it is already unlocked. You can change tabs by pressing the 'next' or 'back' buttons on either side of the inventory. Schematics can be added via the Schematics tab, enabling you to create a broader range of vehicles (still a work-in-progress).

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